Unification Day

Day 1
The fates are only ever obvious to historians.

Can a journey’s beginning Doom it’s end? Even if the path has not Been walked before?

Why are prophecies only Heeded after the crime? The fates are only ever Obvious to historians

The only thing that I have ever learned Is it does not heed To look to the past Instead my friends It is now time To look to the future Varis hoenswaggle

Day 1

“And I turned around, and seven dragons where tearing down upon me.”

“Oh No Varis! Were you worried?”

“Me? Never! I simply enchanted the dragons with my dazzling charms and killed them all with a single sword thrust.” “OoOoO, your so brave sir Varis.”

“Please ladies it was nothing!”

“You! Old man! What are you doing here at this time of night.”

“Me?.... OLD?? Who does this barkeep think he is? Doesn’t he know who I am? Ahhhhhh….. too stupid to understand the brilliance of Brilliant Kallor here. Yes that’s it, just humour the simpleton…. Nothing good sir barkeep, Now how about another bottle of whiskey for the all powerful High Wizard in your bar, hey?”

“Firstly grandpa, We don’t give out free drinks to senile, old men. And secondly, there’s none left, this dwarf has been here since morning drinking it all…..”

Barkeep points out the short, but obviously powerful dwarf sitting at the bar. The dwarf just sits there, oblivious and uncaring about the people around him.

“Hey half breed, we don’t take kindly to your kind around here, this is our bar, you here me? Why don’t you piss off and find some place to curl up and die.”

The half-elf moves slowly to his feet to stand in front of the drunkards. “Or, here is another idea for you. You can leave peacefully, or I’ll press this dagger here through your friends face.” Faster then the drunken men could register, the half-elf has the tip of his dagger under the closest man’s eye.

“Okay okay. Settle down friend. We’ll leave you alone.”

“Thank you, Now how about you all go home to your families before you don’t see them again.”

With an easing of pressure the half elf lifts his knife’s edge away from the drunkards eye. The Drunkard noticeably relaxes, then he and his friends stumble out of the bar.

Time passes and its now closing time at the bar, there are only a few stragglers left, a young half-elf, sitting by himself at a table, a old man muttering to himself sitting at the bar, next to him is a dwarf, unmindful of the glares being received from the barkeep, and young, tall man sitting with his adoring crowd of young women, who are hanging on his every word. The door suddenly swings open, a dwarf stumbles into the bar, he is wearing a fine cloth robe, with golden rings and golden piercings, proudly displaying his wealth, though his hardened physic and calloused hands show his labouring profession.

“An absolute travesty has occurred, Someone must help me!”

Jumping at the moment to be hero, The man with all the admirers springs to his feet.

“What is the problem good sir? I can assure you there is nothing that the fearless Varis cannot handle for you!”

“Oh thank you sir, you see, some damn kobolds have gone and stolen a shipment of my Armour!”

“That’s terrible sir, well I’ll certainly point you in the direction of someone who will help.”

“WHAT? I thought you were going to help?”

“yeah Varis, you told us you have killed thousands of ogres with the wink of an eyelid.”

“Well ladies, you see, that was … err…. of course I did and of course I will be the one to help. All I mean was that I will need some friends to help me on this valiant quest to save the armour from an army of kobolds.”

“ahh well thank you good sir. I knew I came to the right place.”

“No problems at all, But of course there will be a reward, yes?”

“On delivery of this armour to my client in Thunderstone, the client, Mr Draelin, will give you the other half of the payment for the armour, which you can keep, good sir, a total of 1200 gold pieces.”

“Excellent news! Now who will join me?”

The tall man known as Varis stands up in front of the patrons at the bar and yells, “Hello there fellow travellers, who feel likes making an easy buck on your travels?”

“I’ll come with you, No point in staying in this back end town much longer.“ said the half-elf.

“Excellent!” replied Varis, “As soon as we find your mummy and daddy, we’ll tell them to put you to bed with a bedtime story about heroes and villains for you.”

“I watched my father murdered by a town of racist thugs for a crime he did not commit.”

“…..umm….Welcome aboard then traveller.”

“Now Mr Dwarf sir, you at the bar, hey..Hey!.. HEY!!!, yes you, what’s your name my burly friend?”

“Hrothgar Ironblade.”

“…Excellent… And would you like to join us on a quest for your fellow dwarf?”

“will there be killing things.”

“Certainly my good friend, many things to kill for you.”


“Alright there we have it! a formidable party to save the day and impress the ladies.”

“SHOCK!! He thinks to leave without asking the evidently eloquent master of illusion and delusion for his help? What chance do they have without Kallor’s supreme talents in all things past, future and present? A teaming up is required, me to tell and them to act, yes yes generous Kallor will save the day for everyone. Umhum… Excuse me fine adventurer, I will be so kind as to join you in your quest to find the missing… whatever. We will be a team teeming with teamwork and team spirit, yes? Let us ravage the countryside, and a few women to boot!“

“Err….. why not, welcome aboard you crazy old fool, we leave tomorrow!!”

“Thank you fine adventures, you wont regret this I promise you.”

“No thank you is necessary our good friend, just the reward will do. Now ladies! Weren’t we just about to go to bed…........”

So ends the first day.

13/5/2010 Humble Beginnings

Whilst enjoying a good brew at the local tavern four men were approached by the Dwarven Armorer Teldorthan Goldcap. He had been contracted to forge a suit of Dragonscale Armour for Draelin Tarvis of the Thunderstone Guard. However the suit of armour was stolen by some pesky Kobolds, who had inhabited a nearby mausoleum. Offering to pay the party half of the fee the adventurers accept and thus begins the start of the party.

They set out the next day and march North-West towards what is now known as Kobold Hall, setting up camp Varis Hornswaggle is assigned first watch but fails miserably to notice a small band of Goblins who ambushed the party during the night. Coming out victorious (after burning down two tents) the party continues their journey to Kobold Hall the next day.

Arriving at Kobold Hall the party finds themselves as unwanted intruders, and have to fight their way in past pit traps and portcullises, just to make it into the front room of Kobold Hall.

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