Unification Day

13/5/2010 Humble Beginnings

Whilst enjoying a good brew at the local tavern four men were approached by the Dwarven Armorer Teldorthan Goldcap. He had been contracted to forge a suit of Dragonscale Armour for Draelin Tarvis of the Thunderstone Guard. However the suit of armour was stolen by some pesky Kobolds, who had inhabited a nearby mausoleum. Offering to pay the party half of the fee the adventurers accept and thus begins the start of the party.

They set out the next day and march North-West towards what is now known as Kobold Hall, setting up camp Varis Hornswaggle is assigned first watch but fails miserably to notice a small band of Goblins who ambushed the party during the night. Coming out victorious (after burning down two tents) the party continues their journey to Kobold Hall the next day.

Arriving at Kobold Hall the party finds themselves as unwanted intruders, and have to fight their way in past pit traps and portcullises, just to make it into the front room of Kobold Hall.


DoubleFission DoubleFission

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