Standing proudly on the Western Tablelands Thunderstone is widely considered as the ‘capital’ of the rural area. Surrounded by many acres of farming land the three roads to the city were once constantly used by some merchant or another looking to buy or sell wares.

However since Baron James Gibson (Baron of Thunderstone) stopped the patrols of the surrounding lands, traveling along the tablelands has become increasingly more dangerous with merchants traveling in trade caravans with their own hired guards.

Many of Thunderstone’s guard have been ‘cut back’ by the Baron’s order, sending them home to their families farms. Some of the ex-guards are finding adjusting to the simple life hard and are seeking lives of crime to get some action once more.

Draelin actively tries to keep the Thunderstone Watch in order, however constant setbacks are sent his way by the Baron’s intervention. Taking spending from the coffers of the watch and placing it in his own personal guard force’s pocket.

In the center of the town is the Thunderstone Grove where The Thunderstone rests. It is the center of much of the townsfolk’s religion, believing that the stone has some special properties such as being in control of the life bringing rain, which most of the populace of the surrounding areas relies on.


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