Chapter 1 – The search

Curses of ten thousand dwarves” spat the captain as his crew returned badly wounded yet with no prize to show for their efforts, they would have to keep looking. “Hoist the sails, man the harmonizers you trollops. Set course for the closest possibility!” the scaly red humanoid ordered as he returned to his cabin on board his corsair the Dragon’s Claw.

The panes of glass in the back of his ship shuddered as the harmonizers did their work, the vessel slowly lifted out of the water and took to the sky, the hull completely black with a red stripe down the base of the hull alone the spine of the ship the Dragon’s Claw was certainly a sight to behold.

As the ship cleared the high cliff face, it floated towards the nearest ancient ruin in pursuit of their goal. Fluttering madly in the breeze the colours of the ship was distinctly a draconic hand painted in black, but with each one of the four fingers becoming a shade of Red, Green, White and Blue towards the tips, with two beady dots like eyes at the end of each digit.

Back in the captains cabin, captain Sarrgloc sat hunched over a lovingly crafted map with a quill in his hand. Crossing out a cavern system on the South East side of the island he drew a line to his next target, somewhere in the middle of the Ashara island, what was once seat to the great powers of the Gardinian Empire now is host to many of the ruins and relics left behind from that era… and even before…


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