The sounds of the hustle and bustle of Sigil floated through the second floor windows of the organizations headquarters. Deep in the merchant quarter the mysterious illumination that filled parts of the Toroid shaped dimension was currently lighting up the merchant quarter for the ‘day’ part of the cycle making the crowds outside the windows seem alive with their jovial shouting and bartering.

Standing with his hands clasped at the small of his back, with his feet placed shoulder width apart a man of oriental ancestry stood, watching the crowd below. Specifically a dark haired man pushing his way through the crowd. The man, known only as Martis, had been warned by his vast network of spies of this rogue’s search for him, he had allowed it to continue. The rogue had shown great persistence, which in itself should be rewarded. He had one of his men give him a message to meet him in this building at this time, and when a message is found attached to the door of your room with one of your daggers pinning it there, you do what it says…

The dark haired rogue slipped into the building unnoticed by the crowd around him, and headed up the stairs knowing that there were many eyes upon him that he couldn’t see, but still no one stopped him or asked for his weapons. Silently slipping into the room, his well worn boots didn’t make a sound, nonetheless the man at the window spoke “Congratulations, many men have died before they could do what you’ve just done. Now tell me, why do you seek the Hand of Tiamat?

The man at the window didn’t turn around, he stood their in his loose blue coloured garments, secured to his waist with a golden cord as a belt. The rogue appraised him, and nodded in his obviously worn in cloak and leather armour, complete with several pouches and belts full of his weapons.

I’ve got some information that you may think is… very valuable” The rogue replied careful to make sure the word valuable was mentioned. “Such as the location of an ancient ruin… complete with Draconic engraving.

Go on” said Martis, swiveling on his feet to face the rogue.

Like I said, it’s very… valuable” the rogue said once more, not wanting to give anything away before he had coin in hand.

Martis started to pace around the room in a large circle “We’re close to finding it ourselves, why should we pay for it?

The rogue noticed the distinct multicoloured claw symbol of the organization behind him as Martis walked; “Because, a group of adventurers are already on their way to unlocking it’s secrets as we speak” the rogue replied.

Martis stopped in his tracks, the whites of his eyes flaring in fear for a split second just enough for the rogue to know that he had him where he wanted him. Backed against the wall and willing to do anything, lowering his eyes Martis said softly “Come with me”.

Opening a door off to the side a similar second level room could be seen through it, however a faint aura glimmered around the edges of the doorframe, obviously one of the many portals of Sigil, but this one was specifically for use by The Hand. Beyond the door lay riches to be claimed, for the knowledge he had. Stepping through the door Martis had already moved over to a cupboard and withdrew several coinpurses, throwing them over to the rogue who nimbly caught them Martis asked the question “Who are you, and what is it that you know?

Bacchus” the rogue said, “and I know where this dragon you’re looking for is, got a map?


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